58th German Cartographer's Day 2010

June 8th-10th, 2010 in Berlin and Potsdam

The German Society for Cartography (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kartographie e.V., DGfK) and its section Berlin-Brandenburg would like to invite you to the 58th German Cartographer’s Day 2010 (Deutscher Kartographentag / DKT 2010).
Within our three day event that includes a variety of papers and exhibitions we offer you an ideal platform to exchange experiences between experts and decision-making units coming from companies, universities, research institutions and administration all located within the broader domain of Cartography and Geoinformatics.

The conference’s schedule comprises all currently relevant selections of topics of future orientated cartography – from production process to modern techniques of visualisation and GIS or web based applications.

We welcome you to hand in your contribution, in particular for the following selection of topics:
  • 3D/4D-Cartography
  • Digital Cartography and Geoinformatics in Education and Training
  • Geo Data Infrastructures (systems, products and applications)
  • Internet-Cartography
  • Cartography on mobile end devices
  • Multimedia and Real-Time Cartography
  • Open-Source-Products and Services
  • Environmental and Catastrophe Management
  • User Generated Cartography (UGC)
  • Virtual Globes

Please submit your own papers. Furthermore you may also organise blocks of speeches. Blocks of speeches will be set up in groups comprising four papers. This leaves about 15 minutes for every speech plus time for discussion. As part of our aim to integrate more junior staff into the program of the DKT 2010 and to boost cross-generational exchanges we expect suggestions and contributions in particular from junior colleagues. We look forward to the participation of partners from our neighbouring countries, especially from Central and Eastern Europe. The languages spoken at the conference will be German and English.

Starting today you can hand in your copies and scripts online. At http://dkt2010.dgfk.net you will find online forms and guidance how to submit your abstract. Please note that online registration for scripts and papers is possible until our closing date November 15th 2009. By December 15th 2009 we will inform you whether your contribution has been accepted. We plan to publish selected contributions in advance within a focussed edition of the Kartographische Nachrichten (Cartographic News, Journal of the German Cartographic Society) for the DKT2010.